Artist: William Earle

Dead Rose
Reverie #1

Artist Statement

Born in an era prior to the current technology and information sharing society we live in, my first memory of a camera was one my Father owned. It was a Canon 35mm gizmo that he used while serving in the Army in Korea. I clearly remember looking at it and being fascinated with slides he had taken while over seas. While non-functional today I still have it. Next it was a Kodak instamatic and the only rule was, “don’t shoot into the sun”. A rule that I purposely break today. In middle school I remember sealing myself off in a dusty dirty closet attempting to contact print some black and white negatives. The success or failure I don’t remember. What I do remember is the smell of the chemistry, how much I loved it and the fact that a print was produced. The cameras and gear were particularly attractive to me. I dreamed of owning a Nikon and a Hasselblad. It took a while but I finally realized both dreams. Today I own both a Nikon and a Hasselblad but am no longer absorbed by the gear. I have come to realize that it’s the photographer who makes the picture, not the gear and gizmos. The camera is simply a tool, an extension of the photographer.

Bill's work has been recognized as "So very simple on the eye with an aura of great confidence and tranquility. Yet, with these apparent restrictions you deliver a sensual but respectful image that's worth visiting and revisiting."